Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Proposal for Autonomy to Kasmir

My fellow Indians, the idea of Autonomy for Kashmir has generated deep anguish in my heart and I believe there would be hundreds of millions of Indians sharing this feeling. This idea is fraught with danger to Indian nationhood and the situation demands active attention of all those who care for this land of ours.

This proposal will take India towards one more partition. Such proposals are filled with false notion of grandness in the minds of the rulers of the day and are the result of the misconception that if one is unable to handle a situation one can give away a part of our country.

I'll express my opinion on this subject through this forum and I appeal to all of you to mobilize opinion, generate resources and create alliances to oppose this proposal.

Let us fight this out this time before this wrong decision harms our beloved country.

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