Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let Me Reply Mr. M. F. Husain

The literary expressions abound in similes and the visual expressions of thought abound in images.

These expressions of art need to be creative with responsibility.

Nature is creative and is responsible too. When Mr. M. F. Husain painted, India thought he was painting as an Indian with a mature background of the ethos of tolerance and coexistence. He erred though, and took liberties in being creative with nudity of Goddesses of the majority community while teaching them lessons in tolerance and with the expectations of high monetary value of such controversial works. He certainly did not dare to do so to the faith that he himself followed. The things went out of hand and the result is that he feels sad that others could not tolerate such expressions of art. Mr. M. F. Husain could not hear the mourns of lakhs of Kashmiris (he would perhaps prefer to call them as Kashmiri Pandits or only Pandits rather) being forced out of their lands and he did not wish to paint the painful plight of those helpless Kashmiri kids who did not pelt stones, the Kashmiri women who did not beat the chests, the Kashmiri men who did not revolt...there was no one to listen to them, they were being asked to leave their own homes in Kashmir or else convert to Islam. The other option was death. Mr. M. F. Husain rather chose to enjoy the high price being offered to him for his paintings in India.

Now here are a set of people in Kashmir, wanting to take away a part of India by claiming it exclusively belonging to them and for achieving that purpose, they choose to take shelter behind children and women. These separatists indoctrinate young minds and influence the women for years and years with the help of cross border support. The seeds have been poisoned and the harvest is spoilt. Mr. M. F. Husain, you need to see this with a larger perspective and realize for yourself why the kids would pick stones...!!!

The need is to not to blame India itself, the need is that we must understand that the lessons of tolerance and coexistence are not for one community alone, they are for all and in this process we all have to join hands rather than fight for separation, because, fighting for separation will result in a counter fight for integration, and one may like it or not, the fights are always painful.

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