Friday, September 3, 2010

Maoist Sympathisers Celebrate the Death of Morals

Living on the high moral grounds, the Maoist sympathisers have got used to celebrating victories in their own ways. Today, Sep 03, 2010 must have been a day of celebrations for them. After all, thay can now claim to be free from the heavy load of almost dead morals that they were carrying with them.

The killing of the abducted helpless cop on his official duty by the Maoists must have relieved them of this last burden from their lives.

The "goddess of big things" would now have a reason to feel reassured. Nobody listened to her demand to give away Kashmir to the separatists. Now she has more support. After the success of her novel, Arundhati Roy thought it to be her "moral duty" to take to social causes and having laid her hands on a variety of issues, she found partition of India to be the most potent idea to be appealing to her. How narrow could be her thought that she believed that rest of Indians had no claim on Kashmir. Kashmir belonged only to the separatists. And to add to the blatant errors, she has shown no concerns for the plight of Kashmiri Pandits. She just does not seem to understand India.

Medha Patkar seemed to be doing all the right things with her pro tribals and displaced people's movement. However, she could not understand the difference between the right to oppose and the options to coexist. Living in an ecosystem does not mean that no one else is allowed there. Living on the banks of a river does not mean that the river belongs to that set of people only. The larger population in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and elsewhere could see the flaw in her approach. Having lost her movement in the waters of Narmada, "the voice of tribals" could consider telling them to follow this new trend to overthrow democracy in India.  If that is not the case, what  explanations can she offer now?

Shyam Vepa Rao, now known as Swami Agnivesh, the self proclaimed messiah of the bonded labourers can go back and tell the world the successful methods of  his Maoist friends in dealing with people under bondage. He belongs to Chattisgarh. He has a degree in Law and Economics. Due to his leanings towards Arya Samaj, he got a foothold in Haryana. He is known to have said "It is wrong to attribute the wrongdoings of a few individuals to the whole community", in the context of Islam. He is forgetting his own preachings now when the Maoists are bent upon detroying the entire fabric of democracy in India in the name of wrongdoings on the part of corrupt politicians. Is he under pressure?

And yes, the power of having government at your side leaves one in safe hands, she is not answerable to us little mortals. Her position is truly enviable in any case. The lady with an agenda needs no introduction. How would Ms. Banerji justify the Maoist killings is for everyone to guess.

In the mean time, let us, the common people of India, at least lament the death of the morals and join the poor and the downtrodden sharing the grief of the family of the cop killed by the Maoists. The cop killed by the Maoists indeed was a poor man. May his soul rest in peace!