Saturday, October 23, 2010

Arundhati Roy – Crusading Against India

Out of a choice between the company of a malicious person and a snake, one should  choose that of a snake as the snake is likely to strike only when the death is destined whereas a malicious person is bound to strike at every step (Chanakya Niti, 3.4)

Arundhati Roy, the author with the Booker Prize winning credentials to her favour has been acting maliciously against India and its people. She has been leaving no opportunity to side with the people who are openly against the very idea of a democratic and sovereign India.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Corrupt Politics of Common Wealth Games - Delhi 2010

Finally common Indian citizen has been spared the ignominy of a possibility of failed Common Wealth Games... the games got over and the medals tally was good enough, rather excellent, as compared to all our past performances. Imagine the situation, the Indians across the globe kept feeling the gloomy scenarios for so many weeks!

Ah, who invited this trouble in the first place! That must be quite a botheration for many.

The other day Sheila Dikshit, the honourable chief minister of Delhi was heard on a TV show stating something to the effect that so far as the work got over and the games could start, how did it matter whether the work got over early or just in time...! Imagine the sense of responsibility from our famous politician. She was presumably the most accountable person in Delhi to ensure that the games could be planned and played well keeping the pride of Delhi intact. And now that the games are over she is putting the onus of responsibility on Kalmadi.

Then there is the Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who is discreetly keeping from Suresh Kalmadi. Rahul Gandhi, the young Congress MP could also be seen interacting with the players and officers recently while Kalmadi was missing from the scene.

So, who is Suresh Kalmadi and how come everybody is being made to believe that he is the only one responsible.

First of all, Suresh Kalmadi is a member of parliament (Lok Sabha) belonging to none other but the Congress of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. He has been associated with Congress in various capacities since as early as 1978 when he was president of Maharashtra Pradesh Youth Congress. He has been an active politician and currently is a sitting MP from Pune in Maharashtra. He is well known and could not be someone who could be operating in the dark alleys of politics without being seen by the watchful eyes of Congress supremo. In fact no one from Congress could lead such important gaming events and could hold such critical prtfolios without being in the good books of Congress supremo.

It is impossible for Kalmadi and his associates being the only ones responsible for the corrupt and inefficient handling of the preparations for the Common Wealth Games. He is only the scapegoat. The entire episode of singling out Kalmadi and his associates is meant to hide the bigger players behind the dust and smoke.