Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kashmir - For Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, ...for All Indians

The separatist thought that Kashmir belongs to them is flawed when judged on parameters of natural justice and historical perspective. Kashmir has remained part of greater definition of India since ages. Emperor Ashoka included Kashmir as part of his larger empire during his reign. Kashmir was a Hindu majority area till 1349 A.D. when Shah Mir became the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir (1).

The above is important to note as by no arguments it can be claimed, as separatists try to explain, that Kashmir is a separate entity as a region and belongs to them only. Whole of India shares a great cultural, emotional, and national bond with Kashmir and we will not allow separatist demands to succeed. India is a democratic country and Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and all others have a right to live here and all have a duty to protect the unity and integrity of India.

We as Indians strongly oppose the idea of Autonomy to Kashmir and submit to the Government of India not to accept such demands of the separatists.

The hammer of autonomy will not throw separatists out of Kashmir, it would rather push the nail of separatism deeper into the Kashmir valley. The Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh must give attention to this issue and adopt an approach of integration of Kashmir through constitutional amendments. We in India are keen to embrace our Kasmiri fellow citizens in the mainstream with all love and affection!



  1. I liked your post, but do you really think Kashmir belongs to India?Kashmir belongs to India as much as Sindh belongs to India?As much as West Punjab(today's in Pakistan) belongs to India.When Partition was made their was only one rule:The states,regions with the majority of muslim will join Paksitan and the regions with majority of Hindu will join India.
    So i still dont understand why is still not part of Pakistan.
    "We in India are keen to embrace our Kasmiri fellow citizens in the mainstream with all love and affection!"
    Btw how you can intergrate Kashmir when Un still demands a plebiscite?

    I would like to know your point of view


  2. Dear Tehreem,
    I missed responding to your comment. I was not only tied up in my routine work, I was also deeply involved studying various news items on Kashmir and many other issues that India is facing. The problems that we face are vast and deep rooted. However we do not have many choices left. We are pitched against time and need to work on them. I'll take up your points over the next few days. I hope you revisit this page to see them, though, I'd love to also write to you in person if you leave your email id for me to respond to.

  3. i agree wit tahreem above.
    first of all emepror ashoka that was like centuries ago. after thta kashmir came under the middle kingdosm and then the mughals - who by the way never hit souht india. so by your definition should southern indians not be a part of idnia? if in our defition of india we include 'india, bangladesh and paksitan' ( we are using a geogaphical term instead of a political one) then the last time india was india was like 1500 years ago. the mughals never encompassed south india
    after the mughals were the durranis.... so again kahsmir was not a part of idnia; it was then part of afghan empire.
    as for converting religions, everyone has a right to their religions to change thier religions and their beleifs. the kashmiri muslims are the original inhabitants of kahsmir jsut like kashmiri pandits.

  4. Just to add some points in the debate before I take it up in detail in my next post, the plebiscite under UN would have been possible if Pakistan had acted in time. Which did not happen as Pakistan knew that Plebiscite would go in favour of India.

    The decades have passed and through consistent agression and infiltration, Pakistan has by force changed the situation.

    In the mean time India has integrated Kashmir valley and rest of Jammu and Laddakh with rest of Indian states through democratically elected governments.

    Over the years, the idea of 2 nation theory too has been proven false.

    The partition of India as an entity extending upto Indus and beyond on western borders stands invalid.

    So what do we do ? Keep dividing a secular and democratic India with a shared history amongst various religions and ethnicities again and again and keep creating new entities with no fundamental basis of values and principles except hatred and dislike for coexistence?

    That is point number one.

    Second, rest of Indians have claim on Kashmir as a cultural and historical identity.

    Srinagar is as much mine as that of my Muslim brothers in India. We do not at all accept that Srinagar belongs only to those who live in Srinagar. Some of you might want to read my feelings on:

    Think about it. I have my heart filled with love for my people and I consider Kashmiris as much mine. In rest of India we do oppose misgovernance and opine against the issues contrary to human rights but we do intend to have a united India including Kashmir.