Friday, August 20, 2010

Militants in Kashmir issue Threats to Sikhs living there to either Convert to Islam or Leave the Valley

The inevitable has manifested. The last bastion of false hope has been destroyed. The ugly face of separatist politics of Kashmir is naked in front of us.

The militants in Kashmir have decided to hit at the last set of people other than those who follow Islam. Will ordinary citizens of India still sit silent and wait for the Government to act? Do we really believe that the Government would act without a pressure from the citizens of this country? I think the time has come that the battle has to be fought by every citizen of this country who believes that Kashmir belongs to us and we will not allow the separatists to take it away by force, coercion or whatever other means that they might adopt.

This is no simple threat. It is a challenge to the very concept of India.

This threat means that Islamic fundamentalist forces intend to take away entire India peice by piece. They want to convert whole of India step by step because they cannot devour the whole of it in a single go. They are on the job while we sit watching soap operas in front of our TV sets thinking that the problem is too far away.

Problem is not too far away. It is creeping towards all of us, step by step, and the days are not far off when it will knock right at our own doors. We need to create awareness. We need to mobilize mass movement. We need to be there by the side of our bretherens in Kashmir valley. We need to communicate to all concerned that if this is not handled with a tough hand and integrity of India remains at stake the same way as it is today, then, the patriots of India would be left with no option but to give a call for "Kashmir Chalo - March to Kashmir" and they would create a new Kashmir where the writ is run by Indians and not by the separatists. I'm sure the call would be answered by all those who believe in India - Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and all the rest.

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