Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Elitist Congress and Chidambaram's Dislike for the Poor

The problem is that the elitist Congress sends it Yuvaraj to a Dalit house to eat, but, when the same Dalit, Backward, or the Poor tries to return the favour and comes to Delhi, he is unwelcome and is branded as criminal.

Crime is due to the prevalence of Police Raj and corrupt government. Crime is due to nourishment and favours shown to gangsters and mafia. Crime is due to the feeling amongst the rowdies - out there in any society - that they can get away with it.

The elitist Congress does not like the smell of a poor man's clothes around in the pink winters of Delhi...they only want votes and then they want sprawling green lawns to take a stroll around for next five year. Do not disturb! This is an order from Mr. Chidambaram... have you noticed the martinet in him for those not in power or for those who are disadvantaged, as if they did not deserve an existence!

And yes where is the grand old lady Mrs. Shiela Dixit, after CWG corruption saga, she is busy in strategy building, perhaps. She too does not feel positive about the migrants. Ah, it's a collective problem of ideology of this government and its leaders.

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