Monday, December 20, 2010

Rebuilding India

A truly secular government would not segregate the communities and religions. It would not operate based on dividing lines.

A truly secular government would achieve integration of communities and religions. It would blur the dividing lines, if they exist.

Mahatma Gandhi said "Swaraj is synonymous with Rama Raj—the establishment of the Kingdom of Righteousness on earth."

So, one can clearly see, Gandhi did not see in terms of one religion against the other. He rather created a composite thought wherein Ram Rajya could bring common good of all in our society as much as the brotherhood of Islam could spread harmony of existence. In the present context, there has been an attempt to bring in disharmony amongst communities by way of unilateral declarations that ideas derived from Hinduism are necessarily opposed to Islam. An attempt is being made that we cannot consider the ancient ideals and inspirations from Hinduism as common heritage of the country if we want to be secular. That is not how it should be. The ideals from the lives of Ram and Krishna are as much those of Hindus as those of the people who follow Islam. They are universal.

"I have accepted all the names and forms attributed to God as symbols connoting one formless omnipresent Rama. To me, therefore, Rama described as the lord of Sita, son of Dasharatha, is the all-powerful essence whose name inscribed in the heart, removes all suffering? mental, moral and physical."....Mahatma Gandhi, Harijan, 2-6-''46

When we look from that perspective, we can see the folowing points so meaningfully:

  • We can bring in Ram Rajya in India. We can spread the message of Rahim and Kabir in India. We can spread the message of Guru Nanak in India.

  • We can spread the fragrance of the love of Jesus in India.We can spread the Din-e-Ilahee of Akbar in India and can teach the tolerance and composite thought of Dara Shikoh.

  • We can teach the message of universal family from Hinduism and we can spread the brotherhood of all from Islam.

That is how, by integrating the faiths and by creating an inclusive polity, we can rebuild a great nation called India

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