Sunday, November 21, 2010

As You Remain Silent Rahul!

The range of questions is expanding
And the murmurs are turning into clamours
The central hall echoed with the thundering claps when you spoke about Kalavati
And indeed, Kalavati received her alms too…

But, as the great powers of Delhi kept a watch
An unimaginable amount of money of the likes of Kalavati got looted – just in a game
And you remained silent as usual Rahul…
Perhaps purposefully so!

Do we label it as your inexperience or do we call it your intent (?)
Please do not ask us to believe,
That this was all about bureaucratic mess,
Or that you were just unaware!

In the telecom corruption saga,
Alas, we had no choice but to stand and watch helplessly from a distance,
Our very own money was being looted as your ministers kept a watch,
Now insisting on an endless enquiry, the government is teaching us patience immense.

Just do not tell us
This is all about Manmohan ji dear
The reins in the hands of  Sonia ji are strong enough to control all known to be the powers of the day
We know all this and much more, even though, we are just Kalavati and Natthulal in the fray.

The range of questions is expanding
And the clamours are turning into slogans
Under the foundation of the Kargil building, you lost the probity to be there at the helms in Delhi
But you remain silent as usual Rahul!

The merciless whipping by the inflationary policies has left the tongues of the masses numb
And lo behold! You walk into the scene with a ‘tasla’ to move some mud, as if attempting a cruel joke
We would have had some respite if the pulses were a bit cheaper and if we could afford a bit of onion...
We could have carried our 'tasla' happily on our own and you would have been spared the glare of the cameras.

The range of questions is expanding
And the slogans are leading to mass movements…

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