Saturday, October 23, 2010

Arundhati Roy – Crusading Against India

Out of a choice between the company of a malicious person and a snake, one should  choose that of a snake as the snake is likely to strike only when the death is destined whereas a malicious person is bound to strike at every step (Chanakya Niti, 3.4)

Arundhati Roy, the author with the Booker Prize winning credentials to her favour has been acting maliciously against India and its people. She has been leaving no opportunity to side with the people who are openly against the very idea of a democratic and sovereign India.

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  1. The new History of India created by Arundhati---
    Kashmir has never been an integral part of India: Arundhati Roy
    Pl Refer Sify News dated 24.10.2010 on